My name is Sam Mayberry and I am running to be your next Student Body President. It has been a dream of mine to serve our University in this role since I was a freshman and I’ve spent the last three years preparing for this opportunity. My experiences as a student leader on campus have given me the chance to meet so many of my peers. Through the relationships I have formed and the conversations we’ve had, I have been able to craft a platform based on the things that I know are important to my fellow Carolinians. I am so excited to meet more of you and learn how I can be the leader that you choose to elect. 

My name is Zach Crawford and I am running to be your next Student Body Vice President. Since freshman year I have taken every opportunity to get to know my peers. I have joined organizations and taken on leadership roles across every area of campus in an effort to understand what it means to be a student at the University of South Carolina. I firmly believe that the best way to represent my peers is to have a personal understanding of each of my peers as individuals. My platform is created to ensure that every student feels welcomed and supported on our campus. I can’t wait to get to share my ideas with you all, and hope to see all of you soon.

Together we promise to create positive change fueled by the voices and concerns of our peers. Carolina is a place that we all call home, and it’s our mission to ensure that every single student on this campus feels seen by their peers. We will work tirelessly to Embrace Change, Engage the Student Body and Empower Every Voice.


Engaging the student body to better the student experience 


Empowering Carolina students to be able to advocate for everyone 



Embracing the community and campus to show what it means to be a Gamecock

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